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Can I Play on a LAFC So Cal Club team (Club or Pre-club) and Play LAFC So Cal Rec (WVSL)?  NO Sorry

Can I Play on a CalSouth / US Club Club team and Play LAFC So Cal Rec (WVSL)?  NO Sorry

Can I Play on an AYSO team and Play LAFC So Cal Rec (WVSL)? or Club? Yes (But we do not recommend it)

Can I Play on an AYSO (club) team and Play LAFC So Cal Rec (WVSL)? or Club?  NO sorry

Can I Play on 2 LAFC SO Cal Rec (WVSL)? or 2 CalSouth/US Club teams?  NO Sorry 

What is the difference between 

LAFC So Cal Rec (WVSL)? and

LAFC So Cal competitive soccer?

LAFC So Cal Rec (WVSL) has two seasons spring and full, teams are coached by volunteer parents, all players that sign-up play regardless of skill level or experience.

The average cost per season Spring $TBD, Fall $240

LAFC So Cal competitive is our competitive program where children are placed on teams based on their skill level. This program is for all-star level players. The teams are coached by professional coaches, these teams travel and play all year.

Average cost per year $2500 

My child wants to play rec soccer, when, where, and how do I register?
Check the 
calendar for notices about walk-in registration for the Spring & Fall West Valley Soccer League. 

What about being a coach?
Every year we need more coaches. This is a fun and rewarding experience that requires relatively little time but can have a significant impact on the lives of a number of children. We ask that all of our coaches attend coaching clinic and get licensed by the US Club Soccer. We also require all coaches to be Risk Management Certified through the California Department of Justice.  It is our intent to exclude from participation, at a minimum, all persons who have been convicted of crimes against persons
If you are interested in coaching contact the Current Board. If you are interested in helping even more and can invest a lot more time and want to have more responsibility, we have a way! Our league is run by a small, hard-working group of volunteers that serve as the Board of Directors. Every year we need new members. If you are interested, talk to one of the Current Board members.

Could a player play Down an age group?

Unfortunately, based on the LAFC So Cal Rec bylaws,

All players must play age appropriate based on the age groups posted on our website.

Is it possible to have 1 or 2 more players on my team?

The player/s needs to be age-appropriate for your team and 
ALL the parents understand that it will affect their kids playing time.

My Son is only 3 Dec 31st (his 4th birthday is in January ) can he play Fall?

If you are coaching or you know the person who is coaching and they don't mind having a younger player on the team he can play.

BUT if not we cannot force a coach to take an underage player.

My Son is only 3 on Dec 31st (his 4th birthday is in January) can he play Spring ?   YES

When does the season start and how long is it?
Full - September through December
Spring - March through April

Q - Can I have less players on my team then the official number listed on the website (11 players in Div 12) Not 12

A - If you register a team with less than the minimum number required (11 players in Div 11) Not 12

You would receive the additional player unless there are not enough players in the player draft to fill all teams to the required 12 players

What does the registration fee include?
The registration fee includes Custom Medal, pictures, field permits, insurance, equipment, etc. 

How much does it cost?

Fall - Registration per child is $TBD: Siblings (2): $TBD, (3): $TBD, (4/5/6): $TBD.
To take advantage of the multi-player discount, all players must reside in the same household.

Spring - Registration per child is $180 + Uniform : Siblings (2): $170 + Uniform , (3): $160 + Uniform, (4/5/6): $150 + Uniform.

Refund policy - for the Recreational League will be as follows:

Before  2/15/202_, 100% refund. (less $35 processing fee) The $35 covers the non-reversible fee the league pays for insurance when we register each player.2 /15/20XX through 7/31/20XX, 50% refund. 
On or after 8/1/20XX, No refund.


Before 2/15/202_, 100% refund. (less $35 processing fee) The $35 covers the non-reversible fee the league pays for insurance when we register each player.

 2/15/20XX through 3/1/20XX, 50% refund.  On or after 3/1/20XX, No refund.  

All refunds request must be requested in writing. To Paul Clifton 
Thank You WVSL

LAFC So Cal Rec Game Cancellation Policy

Every effort is made to play all games during the fall and spring season. The following situations may result in game cancelation.

1. Wet and unsafe field conditions as determined by the league. This does not mean games are canceled simply because it is raining.

2. Determination by an outside party (school district) that the fields are unusable.

3. Extreme heat conditions forecasted to exceed 105 F at the specific field locations. Morning games may be held if the temperature is below that level.

4. Very poor air quality in Woodland Hills area due to fires (AQMD index rating of Unhealthy)

Every season we allocate one make up weekend in case we have cancelations. WVSL does everything in its power to give teams the appropriate number of weekends. Unfortunately, LAFC So Cal Rec is not responsible for canceled games due to acts of God.

Can we hire a coach?

YES.  although we much prefer a parent of a player-coach the team as this is a recreational soccer program.

If you have a paid coach ALL your families must agree on hiring a coach before the coach is hired. And before your team is submitted to the league

The coach needs to complete all of the coaching requirements. You need to submit a full team of players (you cannot take a player from the draft or the waiting list and then ask them for additional funds to be on your team)

Why do you not keep standings?

LAFC So Cal Rec is a true recreational program. We do not keep standings in any age division. We do not have postseason games. 

The emphasis of the program is to developed individual soccer skills in a fun low-pressure environment.

Why do we try to divide our age groups into Champions league "A" and Premier league "B"?

Because some of our divisions have so many teams in them it makes sense to try and divide them by those teams that have experience and those that do not.
The same recreational rules apply to both divisions it is only a way to try to create better matchups during the season
It is at the coach's discretion which division their teams playing
We usually like there to be a minimum of six teams in either division to make this work.

What are the times and dates of practices?

Sorry, we don't know the answer to that one, but your coach will. There are no league requirements about times, dates or locations for practices. We have about 300 coaches (plus assistant coaches and team parents) who volunteer each year. Depending on their work or personal schedules, they usually pick the best days that they can be there. Typically most coaches hold 1 (some teams 2 in the olders 2) practices a week lasting 1 (Some teams in the olders 1.5 - 2) hours per practice.
U5 & 6 - 1 practice a week. lasting 1 hours per practice.

Q - I signed up my son/daughter to play LAFC So Cal Rec we were assigned to a team that practices on Tuesday, unfortunately, my son/daughter is not available to practice on a Tuesday what should I do?

With so many teams and players, we do not keep track of when and where teams practice. It is always the volunteer coach that decides when and where a team practices.

Obviously, if a player cannot make the team practice just showing up for games is not an option

1 - If we have teams in that division that are still looking for players we can move your son/daughter to a different team although there is no guarantee that the new team does not practice on Tuesdays as well

2 - If all teams in that age group are full we will place your son/daughter in first place on the waiting list if an opening on another team opens up we will add your son/daughter to that team but again there are no guarantees that the team would not practice on Tuesdays as well

3 - Give you a refund

If we have 60 players registered in an age group that is 6 players per team that would be 10 teams

If all 10 volunteer coaches live in Winnetka technically all 10 teams would be Winnetka based teams. 


1. If you are requesting a spot on a specific team then YOU need to contact the coach of that team to find out if he/she has a spot available on that team and to make him/her aware that you would like to be on that team.

2. You may list a Friend/s, (same age group required)  If your friend/s is already on a team YOU will need to contact your friend's coach to see if there's a spot available on that team. WVSL can NOT force a coach to have a player

3.  The bigger the group is you will need to provide a coach for the team.


WVSL can NOT Force a coach to draft/have a player because of a request. 

A coach CAN NOT cut a player from their Fall team!


Regarding the referee situation, our referees are either volunteer parents or paid kids - the kids are sometimes unreliable & the parents willing to volunteer are too few. We have had some difficulty retaining referees because of the abuse that they suffer from the parents in our league. I personally spend every Saturday of soccer season refereeing - perhaps you know of some reliable referees that we could recruit to help. If so, please contact Paul who is the Head Referee and responsible for the scheduling

Do coaches typically have the kids bring a ball with them to practice?  YES

Ball Size- Fall 2023 - Spring 2024
Size 3 - Div 5 - 2019, Div 6 2018, Div 7 2017, Div 8 2016.
Size 4 - Div 9 2015, Div 10 2014, Div 11 2013, Div 12 2012.
Size 5 - Div 13 2011, and up

Question:  As we start on the hour, do you want everybody's game completed at 45 minutes past each hour – to allow the next teams 15 minutes on the field prior to their games?

NO, you get (55 Min) 1 hour / not 45 min

Do we have fields with lights (For November daylight savings)

NO, Unfortunately, we do not have any fields with lights.

If we were to have a field with lights it would be impossible to schedule 400+ teams

Who can I contact with further questions, comments or concerns?
You may call the WVSL hotline at (818) 999-WVSL, email us or The Division representative for your child's age group is listed on the WVSL Board 


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